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For a motorboat, yacht or sailing vessel to run at it’s optimum performance, its hull and running gear must be clean. While antifoul and foul release will help you achieve this, it is only foul release that can reduce roughness and drag through the water, through the super-smooth coating it creates. Less friction in the water means maximum speed with lower fuel costs.

Tests of AquaMarine’s foul release products have demonstrated excellent performance levels, that can be achieved and maintained throughout the season.

Take a look at our performance trials and maintenance tests and see why AquaMarine is fast becoming the coating of choice for boat owners around the world.



UK Trials

Boat Model Boat Name Location Feedback / Comments
Princess 42 Princess 42 Cara Cara Jersey I've found that the boats we have coated have improved their top speed, which ultimately means better fuel economy
Verl 90 30' Sail Boat Verl 90 30' Sail Boat Lady Verl River Thames It definitely made the boat go faster. I'd say we increased speed by at least a knot. It was noticeably faster. We went from being placed last to being in the top 25%
Moody Eclipse 33' Moody Eclipse 33' Katy II Scotland My fuel burn has reduced when under engine. She has a 43BHP turbo engine and her burn is 1.7ltre/hour at 2000 rpm


European Trials

Impact of AquaMarine on vessels in France

Boat Model Boat Name Location Feedback / Comments Statistics / Results
Windy 40 Performance Trial Bottom Paint Windy 40' Truly Scrumptious South of France I would expect the boat to achieve around 20 knots maximum having been subject to the same conditions, maybe even worse. On Truly Scrumptious we had 31 knots! See the Full Test Results
Windy 37' Windy 37' Sevo South of France I was amazed at how easily Sevo would still climb up on the plane. Something that had never happened before this late in the season (unless Sevo's hull had been washed off). See the Full Test Results in MBY Magazine
Hans Christian 43T Bottom Paint Test Hans Christian 43T Heart France The boat speed with a clean hull is significant, 1.5 to 2 knots under power and sail. See the Initial Application Feedback

New Zealand Trials

Speed Comparison Between Traditional Antifoul and Foul Release Coatings

Trial Conditions:

It was important that the environmental conditions were as close to the same as possible when carrying out the trials. A depth of no less than 15 metres was achieved with each vessel prior to any collection of data. The vessel's track was always the same to ensure all trial parameters were as close to the same as posssible. Obvious differences were tidal conditions, sea state, wind speeds and direction.

Data was collected over a 90 day period (after application) and the results compared.

Vessel Name Vessel Model Traditional Antifoul AquaMarine Hull Percentage Increase
Figaro Peline Pastime 7 Knots 7.6 Knots 8.5%
Tristan Vindex 10.5 Knots 11 Knots 5%
Te Ariki Farr 102 5.4 Knots 6.5 Knots 20%
Uncle Henry Terry Reid 14.8 Knots 15.5 Knots 5%

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