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This is a key area to ensure the efficacy of your foul release coating, unlike with anti foul you’ll need to clean your hull every three to five weeks (possibly longer depending on fouling conditions in your area). Thankfully, the extremely smooth surface that AquaMarine foul release paint creates means cleaning can be done with the wipe of a finger and it can be done in minutes! Take a look at this video for an example:
There’s no need for limbide scrapers, no toxic blooms, no paint covered diving gear, just wipe clean with a squeegee to reveal the good-­‐as-­‐new coating. We guarantee divers will come up clean and with regular maintenance your AquaMarine Foul-­release coating will last at least three years.


UK Trials

Boat Model Boat Name Location Feedback / Comments
Princess 42 being lifted Princess 42 Cara Cara Jersey I'm really impressed with the hull coating and the way it cleans up and the way the barnacles fall off with a scrape of the fingers.
Moody Eclipse 33 Moody Eclipse 33' Katy II Scotland Even the barnacles are coming off easily. When you rub your fingers over them they just fall off. Would not try that with conventional antifoul as you would end up with lacerated fingers.
Dell Quay Marlin 520 Sport Dell Quay Marlin 520 Sport Guernsey I just cleaned the hull by swimming around with a long squeegee and wiping away any growth. I did this maybe twice during the summer. It took me 15-2- minutes to clean each time.

European Trials

Boat Model Boat Name Location Feedback / Comments Statistics / Results
Windy 37 being lifted Windy 37' Sevo South of France The growth that had built up over the summer could easily be brushed off by hand. A couple of minutes with a brush saw one side of the forward hull spotless again. See a full review, a year after application in MBY Magazine
Hans Christian 43 T Foul Release Test Hans Christian 43T Heart France The scraping off took 50 minutes with 2 people, with only a little effort using a flexible plastic scraper and low pressure water pipe.
Goldfish 23 Tender Boats Goldfish 23 & 28 Tender Boats South of France On lifting there was some slight surface fouling. However, by gently wiping with a squeegee all the fouling came off easily.
Fairline Phantom 43' Flybridge Fairline Phantom 43' Flybridge Bacchanal South of France The hull was sprayed with low pressure water (probably equivalent to a garden hose spray), whereupon the vast majority of slime was easily removed.


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