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Foul Release Paint is a good alternative to Antifouling Bottom Paint if you are looking to save maintenance costs, fuel costs and the environment.

Foul Release Paint

These coatings offer boat owners a much better and cleaner alternative to antifoul.

Using silicone and Fluoropolymer technologies to create a smooth boat bottom, foul release paints both attract and repel water. This results in an inability of the fouling to attach to the hull and a simple cleaning programme to keep the hull looking great.

You can also enjoy better fuel efficiency with the kind of streamlining associated with foul release painted hulls.

Antifouling Paints

Antifoul bottom paints do not work the same way as foul release. They contain biocides and toxins that kill marine life.

Unlike foul release, when your boat is lifted, any signs of fouling cannot be jet washed off. The boat bottom needs to have the antifoul removed and then prepared for a new coat.

This is usually done once or bi-yearly with antifoul.

With foul release, you can enjoy one coating that will last up to five years, with a simply maintenance cleaning programme.

Take a look at the range of AquaMarine Foul Release Coatings and see what you've been missing..